Michelle Yaa Ohenewa Bannerman, was born in the UK to Ghanaian parents.
Her creative journey began over 10 years ago when she studied at London College of Fashion, specialising in Embroidery.
 She was to spend the following years working in exciting companies but never felt entirely fulfilled.
Motherhood gave her that drive to want to follow her vision & create something that reflected and combined who she is, as a creative individual whilst representing her cultural background.
So, welcome to Yaa Ohenewa Textiles.
Yaa is very passionate about her collections.
"As a mother and woman with a strong heritage, I wanted fashionable garments readily available for women, not just something for all those special occasions but, an outfit able to fit into our everyday lifestyle, all the while embracing our African culture and heritage."
Yaa's style represents an Urban Africa, using bold and vibrant prints infused with an array of different western fabrics, offering versatility & modernity.
Each Garment you see here has been lovingly handmade by “Yaa Ohenewa” herself.
We hope you enjoy your Yaa Ohenewa Textiles garment.
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